Jan Pleitner

Jan Pleitner (* 1984 in Oldenburg) lives and works in Ostfriedland. He studied at the Düsseldorf Art Academy under Jörg Immendorff and completed his master’s degree under Tal R in 2010. 

While Jan Pleitner’s practice initially included figurative images, his large-format paintings now express a dedicated investigation of abstraction and the fundamental components of image-making. His compositions arise intuitively through a highly physical yet meditative process, lending his images a quality that is at once spiritual and tactile. Pleitner creates striking works where prismatic shards of colour seem to oscillate between space and surface, and allusions to natural forms and stained glass windows bear witness to the artist’s interest in science fiction and psychedelia.

Jan Pleitner considers himself as a traditionalist. With a skillful balance of improvisation and tension, his works are certainly informed by Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism, while also claiming a distinctly contemporary position. Charged with light and jostling movement, his paintings act as a recording device for meditation and reflection. 

Jan Pleitner has had numerous solo exhibitions, including at the Kunsthalle Emden, DE; Galerie Haverkampf Leistenschneider, Berlin, DE; Achenbach Hagemeier, Düsseldorf, DE; Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, IE; David Achenbach Collection, Wuppertal, DE; Kunstverein Heppenheim, DE; Ornis A. Gallery, Amsterdam, NL; MIER Gallery, Los Angeles; US Nanzuka Underground, Tokyo, JP and was represented in many group exhibitions: Ostfriesland Biennale, DE; Elephant Kunsthall, Lillehammer, NO; Ancient & Modern, London, UK; Stadtmuseum Oldenburg, DE; Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin, DE; Neuer Achener Kunstverein, Aachen, DE.


Born in Oldenburg, Germany / geboren in Oldenburg, Deutschland

Lives and works in North Coast, Germany / lebt und arbeitet in Ostfriesland

Education / Ausbildug


Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf


Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf, Masterclass of Tal R

Selected Solo Exhibitions / Ausgewählte Soloausstellungen


“Hacking Pandora’s Box”, Achenbach Hagemeier, Düsseldorf, Germany (upcoming)

“Temperaturen der Zeit” (1. Ostfrieslandbiennale) Ludgerikirche, Norden

Jan Pleitner, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland


“Syringe Concorde. Die Spritze der Einmütigkeit”, Haverkampf Galerie, Berlin, Germany


“Who is the sun?”, Achenbach Hagemeier, Düsseldorf, Germany

“Could somebody please stop the time for a second?” Althuis Hofland Fine Arts, Amsterdam, Netherlands


“Helios”, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland


‘EY I?’, Philipp Haverkampf Galerie, Berlin, GER

‘Ragnarök’, Parkhaus im Malkastenpark, Düsseldorf, GER

‘Nothing Is Real’, Ornis A. Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

David Achenbach Collection, Wuppertal, Germany

‘Träum Weiter‘, Kunstverein Heppenheim, Germany

(two-person exhibition with Henning Strassburger) Ornis A. Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


‘The Bitter Fruits of the Jungle‘, MIER Gallery, Los Angeles

‘Von Dann Bis Jetzt, Natalia Hug‘, Cologne, Germany

‘Water for the Tribe‘, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland


‘Dark Matter Matters‘, Nanzuka Underground, Tokyo, Japan


‘Painting is No Business‘, Natalia Hug, Cologne, Germany

Kurhaus Dangast, Germany

Doowylloh, with Lee Lozano, Ancient & Modern, London, UK


‘Ein weiterer Stein aus der Wand‘, Stadtmuseum Oldenburg, Germany

‘Blicke hinter den Himmeln‘, Treuhand Oldenburg, Kunstfoyer am Langenweg, Germany


‘Die Grenzen der trunkenen Gärten‘, Projekt Skagen 12, Skagen, Denmark


‘Why is the Question – Yes is the Answer‘, Avlskarl Fine Art Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Selected Group Exhibitions / Ausgewählte Gruppenausstellungen


Ostfriesland Biennale (upcoming)


Señor, señor, do you know where we’re headin’?, Achenbach Hagemeier Berlin, Germany


Emotional Rescue, Elephant Kunsthall, Lillehammer, Norway


‘She Might Be’, Delmes & Zander, Cologne, GER


“Emotional Rescue”, Elephant Kunsthall, Lillehammer, Norway


‘Die Rechte und die Linke Hand Für ein Halleluja’, David Achenbach Collection, Wuppertal, GER


“Show Me Your Vital Parts, Parts Project”, Den Haag She Might Be, Delmes & Zander, Cologne


“Too Good to be True”, Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin, Germany

“Bozen Connection”, Studio Chrom, Bolzano, Italy

“By-Products”, Haus am Lùtzowplatz, Berlin, Germany Berlin


“17 Abstract Paintings”, Wertheim, Cologne, Germany

“Loiterin with Intent”, Galerie Börgmann, Mönchen Gladbach, Germany

“Deep One Perfect Morning”, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

“Ein Steifel voll Glück”, Linzbach Tobacco, Düsseldorf, Germany


“Benefizauktion”, Neuer Aachener Kunstvererin, Aachen, Germany

‘”karier”, Mikael Andersen, Berlin, Germany


‘German Kleinformat 3’, Neter, Mexico City, MEX

‘Die Stummen Schreie Deiner Socken’, Plattenpalast, Berlin, GER

‘Central Horizon’, Penny Temporary, Neumünster, GER

Freies Museum Berlin, Berlin, Germany aps, PVPC, Berlin, GER


Ich kann kein Bier mehr sehen’, Galerie Grundeinkommen, Berlin, GER

‘Die Böse Laune der Guten Miene’, Essential Existence Gallery, Leipzig, GER


‘Sie haben gerade erst angefangen’, Oktoberbar, Düsseldorf, GER

‘The Castle of Discipline – ZPX 3’, Mischpoke, Mönchen Gladbach, GER

‘Sonderausstellung’, Gereonswall 32, Cologne, GER

‘Empire of Dust’, Representation of the State of NRW to the EU, Brussels, BEL

‘ZPX 4 – Hackers’, Raum Kalk, Cologne, Germany


‘Headroom’, Projektraum Open, Düsseldorf, GER

‘ZPX 2 – Senex et Invenis Simul’, Kaserne, Düsseldorf, GER

‘Das Zeitung’, Projektraum Open, Düsseldorf, GER


‘Zyclopix – Die Zyklopen bei Mutanis’, Citadelle, Düsseldorf, GER

Awards / Auszeichnungen


Grant of the Kulturstiftung der Öffentlichen Versicherungen Oldenburg