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Never before has such a monumental work been on display at the Emder Kunsthalle as the painting “Beyond the void” by artist Jan Pleitner. Under the German title of the same name, “Jenseits der Leere” (“Beyond the void”), several works by the artist, who lives in East Frisia, have recently been on display – the main work, measuring 3.70 by 7.40 meters, fills one wall in the atrium.The abstract colorful painting was made especially for the exhibition on a canvas in the empty hall of a shipping company in Emden and delivered in its entirety by truck, according to the Kunsthalle. To bring the work into the museum, the window of a side entrance was removed.
“What is special about Jan Pleitner’s painting is the power that is expressed,” said Lisa Felicitas Mattheis, academic director and executive director of the Kunsthalle. The abstraction in his works always offers a connection to reality. Pleitner works expressively with overpaintings, cutouts and scratching off of color fields. The abstractions and colors iridesce and shimmer in the eye of the viewer, Mattheis said. According to the Kunsthalle, Pleitner’s works could thus be understood as “sensual-emotional experiences” that posed questions about the rhythm of life and recurring biological structures, for example.

Pleitner’s works were on display last year at the Ostfriesland Biennale in northwestern Lower Saxony. Born in Oldenburg in 1984, the artist studied at the Düsseldorf Art Academy under the painter Jörg Immendorff and was later a master student of the Danish-Israeli artist Tal R.. Pleitner’s works are on display at the Kunsthalle until September 17.

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