“Unconventional Heroes in Katherine Bradford’s Solo Show”, by Ananyaa Sathyanarayana

A longing for a new concept of the “American Hero” is palpable in the ‘Gertrude Stein and Superman’ exhibition at Haverkampf Leistenschneider gallery in Charlottenburg, which is currently presenting a collection of bold and exuberant works by Katherine Bradford. An artist based in New York City, Bradford is known for her figurative painting, with which she portrays figures in abstract and metaphorical yet delineative ways. Drawing inspiration from abstract expressionism, Bradford develops a contemporary sense of identity. In many of her pieces, the figures have blank or very simple faces, absolving detail. Her fantastical use of vivid colors and loose brushstrokes gives her work a sense of depth, daring us to lose ourselves in the colors and textures alone.

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