Katherine Bradford AMERICAN ODYSSEY | Halle für Kunst Graz


HALLE FÜR KUNST Steiermark, Austria, hosts the first comprehensive museum exhibition in Europe of Katherine Bradford, one of the most important positions in contemporary American painting. 

The show presents fifteen important works from the last decade from New York collections, with the artist also showing a cycle of twenty-three new paintings produced especially for the exhibition. In her striking works over many decades, Bradford has been developing a very personal ongoing story about and through painting, which she retells with ever new variations. In recent years she has taken this to an unprecedented level of the interplay of form, color, and light with ​her” mysteriously present bodies. The presentations of these strange, present, and self-determined bodies in their highly expressive positions — standing, sitting, lying or suspended, — leads to an astounding focus on something very essential. Even after such a long and eventful American Odyssey, Katherine Bradford remains positive about humanity — and she invites us to share the sentiment. Her art stands for a vibrant and yet inherently critical humanism which it is good to see in complex times such as ours.

Painting can do all this if the painter can. Katherine Bradford doesn’t just do it, she does it day after day.

The exhibition is accompanied by continuous program of events and education, and a comprehensive publication at JRP/​Editions, New York/​Zurich.

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